Wella Professionals Wave It Intense N/F Permanente Well - Lotion 75 ml (For Normal and Resistant hair) 捲髮水/電髮水



Wella Professionals Wave It Intense N / F Permanente Well -推薦用於正常和抗性頭髮的乳液。改良的Wella配方使頭髮更具彈性和光澤。 提供柔和均勻的波浪 使頭髮有彈性和彈性 增加髮量 使頭髮角質層光滑,增強光澤 加強頭髮,防止頭髮受損 可與Wellaplex產品配合使用 使用方法: 用洗髮水清洗頭髮。 將捲髮芯捲在潮濕的頭髮上,然後使用Wella Wave It Intense N / F Permanente Well-Lotion。 請保持5-15分鐘。 在捲髮期間繼續檢查捲曲。 達到預期效果後,徹底沖洗頭髮並用毛巾擦乾。準備100毫升中和劑,並將2/3的中性劑塗抹在頭髮上。 再保持5分鐘。在此之後,取下輥子並塗上剩餘的中和劑部分,再放置5分鐘。 根據需要設計風格。 結果:持久,柔軟,微妙和有光澤的波浪。 為獲得最佳效果,我們建議使用Wella Professionals Curl&Wave中和劑。 Wella Professionals Wave It Intense N/F Permanente Well - Lotion is recommended for normal and resistant hair. The improved formula of Wella provides the hair more bounce and shine. Provides soft and even looking waves Leaves the hair bouncy and elastic Increases the hair volume Smoothens the hair cuticles and enhances the shine Strengthens the hair and prevents them from damage Can be used in conjunction with Wellaplex products How for use: Wash the hair with a cleansing shampoo. Apply the hair rollers on damp hair and apply Wella Wave It Intense N/F Permanente Well - Lotion. Leave it on for 5-15 minutes without the heat source. Keep checking the curl during the development time. Once the desired effect has been achieved, rinse the hair thoroughly and towel dry. Prepare 100ml of neutralizer and apply the 2/3 of it on hair with rollers on. Keep it for additional 5 minutes. After this time remove the rollers and apply the remaining part of neutralizer and leave it for 5 more minutes. Style as desired. Result: Long-lasting, soft, subtle and shiny waves. For the best results, we recommend using Wella Professionals Curl & Wave neutralizer. (4015600220518)