Matrix BIOLAGE Clean Reset Normalizing Shampoo For All Hair Types 250ml



這洗髮水能專業深層清潔頭皮。 其特殊配方基於植物提取物和平衡劑。 專為普通及油性頭髮而設計。 它使頭髮清新,蓬鬆和保濕。 用法:塗於濕髮上,按摩並用水徹底沖洗。 Biolage是源自頭髮和化妝品製造商Matrix的品牌。 它最初是作為Matrix產品線推出的,但在其他產品線中卻表現突出,因此他們決定將其打造為品牌。 Biolage是純素食和生態品牌,其天然毛髮化妝品富含植物成分,其中大部分成分均來自自然來源。 生產過程追求可持續性,盡可能降低水的消耗和垃圾的產生。 該公司還限制使用塑料,並且Biolage的某些包裝材料被回收。 This specialist normalizing shampoo deeply cleanses scalp. Its special formula is based on plant extracts and balancing agents. It is designed for normal and oily hair. It makes hair fresh, flossy and moisturised. Usage: Apply to wet hair, massage and rinse thoroughly with water. Biolage is a brand derived from hair and cosmetics manufacturer, Matrix. It started out as a Matrix product line, but it stood out significantly from the others line so they decided to make it into a brand. Biolage is a vegan and ecological brand with its natural hair cosmetics, rich in plant ingredients, which contain mostly ingredients of natural origin. The production process strives for sustainability, lowering as much as possible its water consumption and garbage production. The company also limits the use of plastic and some of Biolage's packaging materials are recycled. (3474630621169)