Wella EIMI Rugged Texture XXL 150m (Matte Texturising Paste) 髮膏



Wella EIMI Rugged Texture XXL是一種造型膏,適用於所有類型的頭髮。用於短髮的紋理造型。 有助於塑造和紋理化頭髮 創造具有強烈清晰度的粗獷風格 帶來啞光效果 使用方法: 用手掌操作乾燥的頭髮,塑造粗糙的外觀和紋理 The Wella EIMI Rugged Texture XXL is a modeling paste with a strong hold for all hair types. Despite reliable hold the hair paste leaves the hair flexible. For textured styling of short hair. Helps shape & texturize hair Features level three hold Creates rugged styles with strong definition Gives a matte finish To use: Manipulate with your palms into dry hair to shape & texturize rugged looks (8005610449944)

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