TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Brunette Shampoo 10.14 Oz. / 300ml 深褐色洗髮水



TIGI深褐色洗髮水300ML 這款Catwalk Fashionista深褐色洗髮水(300ml)由TIGI專為深褐色秀髮配製,提亮發色,讓卷髮柔軟亮澤。 輕輕沖洗頭髮後、可去除污垢、雜質及多餘油脂。 含深褐色染料及七葉樹提取物等成分,可令頭髮色調溫暖,頭髮更蓬潤、更健康。 使用說明: 將其塗抹在潔淨濕潤的頭髮上 等待3至10分鐘後沖洗,時間長短取決於期望達到的效果 沖洗 隨後配合Fashionista深褐色護髮素使用 TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Brunette Shampoo 10.14 Oz. / 300ml Illuminate and intensify bold brunettes with this colour enhancing shampoo, blended with horse chestnut extract and fuelled by warm toners, for sharp colour and impeccable shine. Magnifies depth and richness for intense glossy warm tones Lightweight conditioning helps improve smoothness Hair looks glossy and healthy Can be used daily Developed together with TIGI Copyright Colour Creative Team How to use Work through roots and ends. Leave in for 3 to 10 minutes depending on the desired effect and rinse thoroughly. *Active benefit of depositing tone in this formulation may cause staining on hands, in order to minimize this issue please follow the following tips: Ensure the shampoo is fully lathered to help avoid staining. Wash hands with soap to help remove any residual staining. (615908427004)

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