TIGI B For Men Clean Up Peppermint Conditioner 200ml



男士輕質護髮素,可促進秀發健康。 幫助修復由環境因素引起的明顯損壞跡象 薄荷醇刺激頭皮並抵消頭皮刺激感 維生素E,C和B7有助於增強和保護秀發,使其看起來和感覺更健康 小麥蛋白幫助頭髮吸收並保持水分,使頭髮更濃密 大豆蛋白有助於增強和修復頭髮纖維 日常護理: 非常適合想要更健康頭髮的男士。 這款護髮素由蛋白質和維生素組成,可幫助水合併增加體積和光澤。 非常適合想要健康頭髮和頭皮的朋友。 香氣:新鮮芳香羅勒薄荷 如何使用: 徹底按摩頭髮和頭皮。 3-5分鐘後沖洗。 Lightweight conditioner for men, that promotes healthy looking hair. Helps repair the visible signs of damage caused by environmental factors Menthol stimulates the scalp and counteracts the feeling of scalp irritation Vitamins E, C and B7 help strengthen and protect hair so it looks and feels healthier Wheat Proteins help the hair draw in and retain moisture for thicker feeling hair Soy Proteins help strengthen and mend the hair fibre For Daily Care: Perfect for guys who want healthier looking hair. This conditioner is formulated proteins and vitamins to help hydrate and enhance volume and shine, leaving your scalp tingling with joy. Great for guys who want healthy-looking hair and scalp. Fragrance: Fresh Aromatic Basil Mint How to Use: After washing the hair with a Bed Head For Men shampoo, massage thoroughly into the hair and scalp. Rinse after 3-5 minutes. (615908411829)

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