Schwarzkopf Professional Blondme Tone Enhancing Bonding Sulfate-free Shampoo 250ML 洗髮水



洗髮水可用於金髮。 Schwarzkopf Professional Blondme Tone Enhancing提供溫和的清潔效果,可恢復脆弱的區域,並賦予光澤和柔軟度。 Schwarzkopf Professional Blondme Tone Enhancing強調了灰色和米色等金髮美女的細微差別,並控制了顏料沉積,從而改善了這種色調的亮度,而新的Advanced Bonding System創建了新的結構橋,為髮絲提供了強度和耐性,不含硫酸鹽。 先進的粘合系統:採用檸檬酸鎂的技術可平衡髮絲的pH值並促進在頭髮纖維中形成新的結構橋,從而確保弱化區域的增強 應用 將洗髮水塗在濕頭髮上,然後輕輕按摩以形成泡沫。 靜置1分鐘,然後徹底沖洗。 結果 頭髮變黃得到控制,其結構可以防止斷裂,柔軟有光澤。 Shampoo for cold blond hair. Schwarzkopf Professional Blondme Tone Enhancing provides gentle cleansing that restores fragile areas, gives shine and softness. Schwarzkopf Professional Blondme Tone Enhancing highlights the cool nuances of blondes such as gray and beige with controlled pigment deposition that improves the brightness of this type of tone while the new Advanced Bonding System creates new structural bridges that give strength and resistance to the wires. Sulfate-free formula for a radiant blonde, free of yellowish and softer wires. Advanced Bonding System: technology with magnesium citrate that balances the pH of the threads and promotes the creation of new structural bridges in the hair fiber that guarantee the strengthening of the weakened areas Application Apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage gently to form foam. Leave on for 1 minute and rinse thoroughly. Result Hair with yellowing under control, with structure restored against breakage, soft and shiny. (4045787370041)

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