Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Dust It Mattifying Volume Powder 1 Light Control 10g 啞光髮粉 (輕柔定型)



OSIS + Dust It Texture 啞光髮粉 (輕柔定型)為頭髮提供輕盈的控制和質感,帶來令人難以置信的髮型。 隨著你從最隨意和剝離到精緻的外觀。 它的效果持久,持續一整晚! Schwarzkopf OSIS + Dust It 非常適合包裹紗線。 她的髮型看起來像專業,質感,身體和超現代的啞光表面! 使用方法: 1) 分散在乾燥的頭髮上,使光線飛濺。 2) 逐漸塗抹,注意不要太多。 3) 在根處使用以增加體積或長度,確保紋理。 結果: 質地自然,加上令人難以置信的現代啞光效果! Schwarzkopf OSIS+ Dust It Powder texturizador and volumador of finishing matte. OSIS+ Dust It Texture 1 provides lightweight control and texture to the hair, allowing for incredible hairstyles. With you get looks from the most casual and stripped to the elaborate. Its effect is long lasting and lasts all night! Schwarzkopf OSIS + Dust It Texture 1 is great for giving bulk by wrapping the yarn. Her hairstyles look like professional, textured, body and super modern matte finish! Application: 1) Distribute over dry hair, giving light splashes. 2) Apply gradually, taking care not to exaggerate the amount. 3) Use at the root to give volume or length, ensuring texture. Result A natural look with texture, plus an incredible modern matte finish! (4045787363104)

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