Refectocil Eyelash Eyebrow Beards Tint Hair Cream Dye Henna 15ml (Natural Brown 3) 染眉毛睫毛膏



這種色調是一種非常深的棕色色調,適合深色睫毛和眉毛。自然的顏色賦予睫毛和眉毛濃重的色彩深度。 它適用於喜歡特別自然外觀的自然棕色頭髮的客戶。睫毛看起來明顯更長,更濃密。使用 RefectoCil No. 3 Natural Brown,您可以增強棕色或黑色睫毛和眉毛,或將淺色或白色睫毛和眉毛染成持久的深棕色。對於染成深棕色頭髮的客戶,Refectocil No.3 Natural Brown 非常適合將眉毛的顏色與頭髮相匹配。 📌天然棕色睫毛和眉毛 📌足以滿足大約 30 個應用程序 📌可與所有 8 種 RefectoCil 色調混合 📌與淺棕色混合,創造出個性化匹配的棕色色調 📌持續 6 週 提示:通過混合 Refectocil No.3 Natural Brown 和 Refectocil No. 3.1 Light Brown,您可以輕鬆獲得客戶想要的任何中間色調! 使用方法: 📌在染色之前:使用刮刀將2cm的染料與10滴氧化劑混合,直到獲得乳脂狀糊狀物。 📌放置5到10分鐘,具體取決於所需色調的強度。 教學: This tint is a very dark, well covering brown tone suitable for dark eyelashes and eyebrows. The naturally looking colour lends eyelashes and eyebrows intensive colour depth. It is suitable for clients with natural brown hair who prefer a particularly natural appearance. The eyelashes will look clearly longer and more voluminous. With RefectoCil No. 3 Natural Brown you can enhance brown or black eyelashes and eyebrows or tint light or white eyelashes and eyebrows with long-lasting dark brown. For clients with dyed dark brown hair Refectocil No.3 Natural Brown is ideal to match the brow’s colour with the hair. 📌Natural brown lashes and brows 📌Comes in a 15mL tube 📌Sufficient for approximately 30 applications 📌Mixable with all 8 RefectoCil tints 📌Mix with light brown to create individually matching shades of brown 📌Smudge- and waterproof 📌Lasts 6 weeks Tip: By mixing of Refectocil No.3 Natural Brown with Refectocil No. 3.1 Light Brown you can easily obtain any intermediate tone your client may wish! Directions: 📌Before dyeing: using a spatula mix 2 cm of the dye with 10 drops of oxidant until a creamy paste is obtained. 📌Leave for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the intensity of the desired shade. Tutorial: (9003877057307)

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