Refectocil Eyelash Eyebrow Beards Tint Hair Cream Dye Henna 15ml (Graphite 1.1) 染眉毛睫毛膏



本產品特別適用於眉毛變灰。 這種色調謹慎地均勻地覆蓋灰色或白色的頭髮,並賦予它淺灰色到深灰色的色調 - 取決於應用時間。 混合其他 RefectoCil 顏色顯示出更冷的色調。 📌深灰色的睫毛和眉毛! 📌足以滿足大約 30 次應用程序 📌可與所有 8 種 RefectoCil 色調混合,打造冷色調 📌也推薦給希望自然強調眼睛的男士 📌防污防水 📌持續 6 週 使用方法: 在染色之前:使用刮刀將2cm的染料與10滴氧化劑混合,直到獲得乳脂狀糊狀物。 放置眉毛5到10分鐘,具體取決於所需色調的強度。 教學: This product is suitable particularly for eyebrows turned grey. This shade discreetly covers grey or white hair evenly and gives it a light grey to dark grey tone - depending on the application time. Mixing with graphite lets other RefectoCil colours show a cooler tone. 📌Dark grey lashes and brows! 📌Comes in a 15mL tube 📌Sufficient for approximately 30 applications 📌Mixable with all 8 RefectoCil tints for cool colour accents 📌Recommended also for men who wish for naturally emphasized eyes 📌Smudge- and waterproof 📌Lasts 6 weeks Directions: 📌Before dyeing: using a spatula mix 2 cm of the dye with 10 drops of oxidant until a creamy paste is obtained. 📌Leave for eyebrow 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the intensity of the desired shade. Tutorial: (9003877057116)

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