Refectocil 護眼紙 Eye Protection Papers Extra (80 units)



Refectocil 護眼紙Eye Protection Papers Extra (80 Units) 這些 RefectoCil 護眼紙 EXTRA 非常柔軟,上側有特殊塗層,可防止顏色滲透,提供額外保護,防止顏色弄髒皮膚。 它們是預成型的,便於應用。 該產品每包 80 個,適合 40 組應用。 使用方法: 將 RefectoCil 護膚霜塗抹在 RefectoCil 護眼紙 EXTRA 的未塗層底面,並讓您的客戶向上看。 現在輕輕地將下睫毛下方的紙貼在客戶眼瞼的邊緣。 These RefectoCil Eye Protection Papers EXTRA are extra soft and have a special coating on the upper side preventing the tint from penetrating giving extra protection from tint staining the skin. They're pre-shaped for easy application. This product comes in a packet of 80 which is suitable for 40 applications. Instructions: Apply RefectoCil Skin Protection Cream on the uncoated underside of RefectoCil Eye protection paper EXTRA and ask your client to look upwards. Now softly apply the paper underneath the lower eyelashes right to the edge of the client’s eyelids. (9003877057918)