RefectoCil Eyelash Eyebrow Beards Tint Hair Cream Dye Henna 15ml (Chestnut 4) 染眉毛睫毛膏



無論是栗色、桃花心木還是銅色,紅色都是目前流行的髮色。 到目前為止,客戶通常對著色結果並不完全滿意,因為他們的新外觀缺乏協調性。頭髮染成所需的紅色調,但眉毛無法與新的頭髮顏色相匹配。一個和諧的外觀必須是眉毛和頭髮的完美顏色搭配! 使用 RefectoCil No. 4 Chestnut,您將獲得紅棕色的美妙效果。自然髮色越淺,染色效果越強。當用於淺金色至淺棕色頭髮時,效果會非常強烈。 使用方法: 📌在染色之前:使用刮刀將2cm的染料與10滴氧化劑混合,直到獲得乳脂狀糊狀物。 📌放置眉毛5到10分鐘,具體取決於所需色調的強度。 教學: Whether Chestnut, Mahogany or Copper, red is at present the trendy hair colour. So far, clients often were not completely satisfied with the tinting result because their new look lacked harmony. The hair was coloured in the desired red tone but the brows could not be matched to the new hair colour. They remained in their natural - often unpleasantly deviating - colour or were tinted in brown or black, thereby emphasising the difference. An absolute MUST for a harmonious look is the perfect colour match of eyebrows and hair! For those who like, even the eyelashes can be tinted accordingly. With RefectoCil No. 4 Chestnut you will receive a wonderful result in a red-brown tone of chestnut. The tinting result will be more intensive the lighter the natural hair colour is. When used on light blonde to light brown hair, the result will be very intense. From medium brown hair on the result will be more discreet and a beautiful, soft chestnut lustre will appear. Directions: 📌Before dyeing: using a spatula mix 2 cm of the dye with 10 drops of oxidant until a creamy paste is obtained. 📌Leave eyebrow for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the intensity of the desired shade. Tutorial: (9003877057413)

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