RefectoCil Blonde Brow Bleaching Paste for eyebrows 15ml 金色眉毛漂染膏



使用 Blonde Brow 眉毛最多可淡化 3 種色調。 適合自然的金髮風格! 📌自然的金色眉毛 📌有助於染灰色或濃密的眉毛 📌可以在淺色調中著色深色眉毛 📌持續 6 週 **這是一種專業產品,只能由經過培訓的人員使用。 賣方對因使用本產品而導致的任何不利結果概不負責。 教學: With Blonde Brow eyebrows can be lightened up to 3 shades. For naturally blonde styles! 📌Naturally blonde brows 📌Helps with tinting grey or bristly eyebrows 📌Enables tinting dark brows in light hues 📌Lasts 6 weeks **This is a professional product and should be used only by a trained individual. Seller is not liable for any adverse outcome resulting from use of this product. Tutorials: (9003877057000)