Matrix Total Results Hello Blondie Flash Filler Fortifying Sheer Mist 125ml / 4.2 oz



具有發亮作用的基質凝膠噴霧,旨在保持並增強金色淺色調的光澤。 特性:具有輕盈和不可見的一致性,易於吸收。 含洋甘菊和泛醇,是軟化和潤濕纖維的理想選擇。 它可以為頭髮補充維生素B5,增強和深層滋養頭髮。 它為金發的淺色陰影賦予能量和光澤。 頭髮變得能夠吸收和反射光。 頭髮顯得光滑,調理,發亮,柔軟。 它賦予身體纖維,並填充其孔隙度,使頭髮健康,健康,是出色光澤的基本要求。 如何使用: 洗髮後噴在頭髮上,無需沖洗即可進行定型。 Matrix Total Results Hello Blondie Flash Filler Spray 125 ml With Chamomile - For Blond Hair. Matrix gel spray with illuminating action, designed to maintain and intensify the shine of light shades of blond hair. Characteristics: With a light and invisible consistency, it is easy to absorb. With Chamomile and Panthenol, ideal for softening and moisturizing the fiber. It replenishes the hair with Vitamin B5, strengthening it and nourishing it deeply. It gives energy and shine to the light shades of the blonde hair. The hair becomes so capable of absorbing and reflecting light. The hair appears smooth, conditioned, shiny, soft and soft. It gives body to the fiber and fills its porosity, making the hair healthy and healthy, essential requirements for an excellent shine. How to use: Spray on the hair after shampooing and, without rinsing, proceed to stylization. (884486227799)