Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed Miracle Treat 12 Multi-Perfecting Spray 125ml



這款噴霧可用於彩色髮膠的多種優點和多種修飾效果,可為頭髮帶來12種好處。 它有助於保護彩色的頭髮,使瞬間的絲般纏結,有助於增強頭髮,保護頭髮免受損傷,保濕,防止斷裂,使毛躁順滑,溫順的頭髮有助於恢復光澤。 為了獲得最佳效果,建議同時使用洗髮水,護髮素和“迷戀”系列噴霧劑。 使用方法: 將噴霧產品噴在乾的頭髮上並梳理髮型。 The Spray is for Colored Hair Spray multi-benefits and multi refinement that brings 12 benefits to the hair. It helps to protect colored hair gives an instant silky detangling helps to strengthen the hair helps to preserve hair from damage gives hydration helps prevent breakage increases control of the body to the hair controls frizz smooth and tame hair helps restore shine. For an optimal result, it recommended the combined use of shampoo, conditioner, and spray of the Color Obsessed line. Direction: ①Press before use. ②Use the spray product on towel-dried hair, comb and deny the style. (884486227911)

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