Matrix Socolor Beauty Permanent Cream Hair Color 90ml (Various Shades) 染髮膏




*調色板可參考Matrix網站。* Matrix Socolor Beauty是Matrix Socolor在歐洲生產的產品。 包裝盒上註明的顏色描述是一種較淺的色度,但仍會產生相同的結果。因此,請使用顏色數量選擇正確的色度。 Socolor是一種永久性染髮劑,易於使用,可為您提供所需的結果。 預混合的底料和自調節的色度使您的工作更加輕鬆。 Socolor美容染髮劑可為您的頭髮帶來持久的效果,也適合遮蓋白髮。 保護成分還可以使您的頭髮富有光澤。 *這是專業產品,只能由經過培訓的人員使用。 賣方對因使用本產品而導致的任何不利後果概不負責。 *The color palette will be available on Matrix's website.* Matrix Socolor Beauty is a European manufactured line of Matrix Socolor where shade number matches US shade number and produces the same results. Color description statesed on the box is one shade lighter, but still produces the same results. So please use the number of color for selecting correct shade. Socolor is a permanent hair dye that is simple to use, giving you the results you want. Premixed bases and self-regulating shades make your job easier. Socolor beauty hair dyes give your hair long-lasting effects, and are also suitable for covering grey hair. The protective ingredients also give your hair a rich shine. *This is a professional product and should be used only by a trained individual. Seller is not liable for any adverse outcome resulting from use of this product.