Matrix Professional Style Link Matte Definitions Beach Clay 100ml 髮泥



Matrix Style Matte Style Matte Link Matte Defender Beach Clay是一款出色的髮泥。 造型髮泥有助於頭髮調理,並有助於打造看起來自然的啞光頭髮,並帶有一點粗心的時尚污漬。 (Hold 4)完美地打造了髮型。 它適用於濕髮和乾發。 髮泥令人易於洗去,不留殘渣,不加重,不撫摸並且不粘在頭髮上。 獲得此頂級造型髮泥,以獲得啞光的外觀,質感和頭髮。 如何使用: 將少量塗在手中,然後塗在濕潤或乾燥的頭髮上,並根據自己的喜好進行打造髮型。 該產品適用於所有類型的頭髮。 Matrix Style Matte Style Matte Link Matte Defender Beach Clay is a great mattress effect mattress for a tidy beach look. Styling clay facilitates hair conditioning and helps create natural-looking matt hair with a little careless fashion smudge. Fixation 4 fixes perfectly the hairstyle and delivers texture and shape . It is suitable for use on both wet and dry hair. The pleasant consistency of the paste is easy to wash off, leaves no residue, does not burden, caress, and does not stick to the hair. Get this top-of-the-line modeling clay for the matt look and texture and hair definition. How To Use: Spread a small amount of the preparation into your hands, then apply to moist or dry hair and adjust to your liking. Hair Type: The product is suitable for all hair types. Matrix Style Link Matte Definer Beach Clay is a luxurious styling clay that helps create texture and definition. (884486183514)

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