Matrix Biolage Advanced Oil Renew System Shampoo (For Dry Porous Hair) 250ml/8.5oz 適合乾燥及多孔性受損頭髮



Biolage Oil Renew油洗髮露專為日常護理乾燥,粗糙和多孔的頭髮而開發。它包含油微囊,可迅速吸收。 它的重量輕,不含有機矽配方,不會壓低頭髮。 輕輕地清潔頭髮 去除灰塵和雜質 平滑粗糙的多孔線 提供最佳水分 防止水分流失 令秀髮絲般柔軟 它含有大豆蛋白,可以完美填充頭髮結構的空隙,從而增強和撫平頭髮,同時減少其靜電累積的趨勢。 椰子油和摩洛哥堅果油可恢復適當的水合作用,為頭髮提供豐富的營養,保護其免受毛躁並增強抵抗力。 它們還可以防止纖維斷裂。 如何使用: 適用於濕髮,按摩至泡沫。 徹底沖洗。 如有必要,重複該過程。 效果:滋養,光澤,光滑,觸感柔軟的頭髮。 防止毛躁。 The Biolage Oil Renew oil shampoo was developed for daily care of dry, coarse and porous hair. It contains oil microcapsules which quickly absorb into strands leaving no oily film on them. Its lightweight silicone-free formula does not weigh hair down. Gently cleanses hair Removes dust and impurities Smooths coarse, porous strands Provides optimum moisture Protects from moisture loss Leaves hair silky soft Lightweight, non-stressing formula It contains soy proteins which perfectly fill in the gaps in hair structure, thus strengthening and smoothing hair while reducing its tendency to static charge up. Coconut and argan oils restore the proper level of hydration, provide hair with intensive nutrition, protect it from frizz and increase its resistance to damage. They also prevent fibre breakage. How to use: Apply to wet hair, massage into a lather. Rinse thoroughly. If necessary, repeat the process. Results: Nourished, shiny, smooth and touchably soft hair. Protection against frizz. (3474636642311)

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