L'Oreal Serie Expert Volumetry Anti Gravity Volume Conditioner 150ml 護髮素



這種調理劑使營養作用和體積再次結合在一起。得益於Intra-CylaneTM,稀疏的頭髮變得濃密,密實並且具有更大的體積。 Hydralight為頭髮提供深層的營養效果。與Volumetry洗髮水和噴霧劑結合使用,此護髮素可提供額外的容量。 頭髮類型:稀疏而平直的頭髮。 功效:增加髮質,清潔髮根,滋潤並賦予極致光澤。 成分:Intra-Cylane™-分子可以完美地重建頭髮纖維。 塗抹到頭髮上後,它滲透到纖維的內部,為頭髮創造了柔韌性強的支撐並提供豐盈感,Hydralight-這種活性成分也用於皮膚護理,以其細膩的保濕特性而聞名。 Hydralight保留水分,佔其重量的82%。這就是為什麼它能潤濕纖維並賦予其更多光澤和平滑度的原因。 如何使用: 加入少量水,然後按摩頭髮至起泡沫,然後徹底沖洗。 This conditioner makes the nutritional effect and volume again together. Thanks to Intra-CylaneTM, thin hair gets thick, more dense and has a larger volume. Hydralight provides the hair with a deep nutritional effect. Used in combination with Volumetry shampoo and spray, this conditioner provides additional volume. Hair type: Thin hair with a flat hair. Effect: Adds volume, cleans hair at the base, moisturizes, gives extreme shine. Ingredients: Intra-Cylane ™ - the molecule is perfectly rebuilds the hair fiber. After applying to the hair it penetrates the inside of the fiber to create a flexible and strong support for the hair and provide volume, Hydralight - this active ingredient, also used in skin care, is known for its delicate moisturizing properties. Hydralight retains water, 82% of its weight. That why it moisturises the fiber and gives it more shine and smoothness. How to use: ① Apply the band on the band gently massaging the product. ② Leave on hair for 1-3 hairs. ③ Add a small amount of water, then froth and then rinse thoroughly. #LOREAL (3474630527430)