L'Oreal Mythic Oil Masque for Normal to Fine Hair 200ml 髮膜



幼髮需要特別細緻的護理,因此請務必使用歐萊雅神話油面膜來修飾幼髮。 用天然油-生薑油(賦予頭髮纖維強韌和活力)和桂花提取物(賦予頭髮纖維柔軟)製成。 Loreal專業神話般的精油發膜,可滋養您的頭髮,同時使彈力,光澤,柔軟度永不降低。 誰不想要豪華健康的頭髮? 與Mythic Oil Shampoo搭配使用可獲得最佳效果。 使用方法: ①從中長到末端將其塗抹在頭髮上 ②等候3-5分鐘 ③徹底沖洗 Fine hair takes an extra fine level of care so be sure to use L'Oreal Mythic Oil Masque for Fine hair. Created with natural oils- Ginger Oil (brings tonicity and vitality to hair fibers) and Osmanthus Extract (provides suppleness to hair fibers).  Loreal Professional Mythic Oil Masque for Fine hair will nourish your hair while bringing that bounce, shine, softness and never weighing it down. Who doesn't want luxurious healthy looking hair? Use with Mythic Oil Shampoo for best results. Direction of Use: ① Apply on damp, shampooed hair from mid-lengths to ends ② Leave on for 3-5 minutes ③ Rinse thorough #LOREAL (3474636391165)

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