L'OREAL Expert Inforcer Strengthening Anti-Breakage Masque 250ml (B6+Biotin Mask) 髮膜



強化面膜,用於增強脆弱的頭髮。 借助生物素和富含B6維生素的增強劑,這種增強面膜旨在針對斷裂和分叉,使頭髮柔軟健康。 繼續使用後,Inforcer面膜將幫助您的頭髮變得更強韌。 Inforcer Masque富含生物素和B6-以其增強性能而聞名。 推薦用於:脆弱易碎的頭髮,尤其是長發。 為獲得最佳效果,請與以下產品配合使用:Serie Expert Inforcer洗髮水。 Inforcer Masque, for strengthening fragile hair. With a Biotin and B6 vitamin-enriched boost, this reinforcing masque is designed to target breakage and split ends, leaving hair soft and healthy. With continued use, Inforcer masque will help your hair become more resistant and stronger. Inforcer Masque is enriched with Biotin amd B6 – known for their strengthening properties. Recommended for: Fragile and breaking hair, especially long hair. For best results, use in conjunction with: Serie Expert Inforcer Shampoo. (3474636483990)