Goldwell Style Sign Creative Texture Showcaser 125 ML 質感泡沫髮蠟



Goldwell Stylesign創意質感強力慕斯蠟是美髮產品。 慕斯為雙重配方,可將頭髮像蠟一樣定型,但像泡沫一樣輕巧。 •梳理頭髮 •強烈定型 •提供光滑的表面 •不壓低頭髮 Goldwell Stylesign創意質感強力摩絲蠟含有彈性體聚合物,可通過促進頭髮造型來保持頭髮的形狀並增加其彈性。 此外,蠟還包含紫外線過濾劑,可防止有害的陽光。 如何使用: 適用於濕毛巾乾燥的頭髮。 將它們散佈在整個長度上。 不要沖洗,繼續進行造型。 結果:緊實定型,輕盈有光澤的頭髮。 我們建議使用其他Goldwell StyleSign系列來補充您的髮型。 Goldwell Stylesign Creative Texture Strong mousse wax is a hair styling product. The mousse is double-formulated, it sets the hair like a wax but it is lightweight like foam. •Texturizing the hair •Strongly sets the hairstyle •Provides a glossy finish •Does not weigh the hair down Goldwell Stylesign Creative Texture Strong mousse wax contains elastomeric polymers that keep the hair in shape and increase their elasticity by facilitating the hair styling. Additionally, the wax also contains UV filters, which protect from harmful sun rays. How to use: Apply to wet, towel-dry hair. Spread them all over their length. Do not rinse, proceed to styling. Result: Firmly set, light and shiny hair. We recommend using the other Goldwell StyleSign range to complement your hair styling. (4021609275213)

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