Goldwell Elixir Oil Hair Treatment for all hair types 100 ml



適用於所有頭髮的油性頭髮護理 Goldwell Elixir是適用於所有頭髮類型的油性頭髮護理。將各種頭髮變成奢華護理的頭髮。 Elixir Goldwell立即被頭髮吸收,並留下令人愉悅的輕盈柔軟的頭髮感覺。 護理毛巾擦乾的頭髮: •絲般柔滑 •強烈的光澤 •改善的梳理性 •馴服不守規矩的頭髮 •免受機械影響(刮擦,吹乾)的基本保護 完成於乾發: •絲般柔滑 •防毛躁效果 •出色的光澤 •改善色彩鮮豔度 Elixir包括從摩洛哥再生的摩洛哥堅果油,富含維生素C和不飽和脂肪酸。它具有再生和保濕作用。還配以Tamanu防護油;來自南太平洋的奇特的油含有保護性抗氧化劑,並具有養育特性。 如何使用: 根據頭髮的結構,均勻塗抹1或2份以潤濕或乾燥頭髮,請勿沖洗。如果需要,再次申請。可以應用於乾發,作為髮型,也可以應用於濕毛巾乾燥的頭髮,作為護理。 結果:再生,光滑,絲般柔軟且充滿光澤的頭髮。 Oil Hair Treatment for all hair types Goldwell Elixir is oil hair treatment for all hair types. Turn every kind of hair into luxuriously cared-for hair. Elixir Goldwell is immediately absorbed into hair and leaves a pleasantly light and soft hair feeling. Care in towel-dried hair: • Silky-soft smoothness • Intensive shine • Improved combability • Taming of unruly hair • Essential protection from mechanical influences (brushing, blow-drying) Finish in dry hair: • Silky-soft smoothness • Anti-frizz effect • Exceptional shine • Improved colour brilliance Elixir includes regenerating Argan oil from Morocco, rich in vitamin C as well as unsaturated fatty acids. It has a regenerative and moisturizing effect. Also formulated with protective Tamanu oil; exotic oil from the South Pacific contains protective antioxidants and has nurturing characteristics. How to use: Depending on the hair structure, apply evenly 1 or 2 portions to damp or dry hair, do not rinse. Apply again if needed. May be applied to dry hair as hair-style finish or to damp, towel-dried hair as care treatment. Result: regenerated, smooth, silky-soft and full of shine hair (4021609050155)

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