CHI Twisted Fabric Finishing Paste Paraben Free 50g



這種獨特的調理CHI Twisted Fabric Finishing Paste可讓您將頭髮造型,塑造或修飾成多種形狀和紋理。 它不會留下油性殘留物,只有光亮的表面。 CHI扭曲面料整理膏包含充足的調理潤膚劑和維生素,可以滋潤和呵護您的頭髮。 充滿CHI 44,您將體驗到全新的造型可能性。 使用方法: 1. 塗於手掌上均勻摩擦乳化。 2. 頭髮造型。 This unique conditioning CHI Twisted Fabric Finishing Paste allows you to sculpt, mould or sleek your hair into a multitude of shape and textures. It leaves no oily residue, only a brilliant finish. CHI Twisted Fabric Finishing Paste is packed full of conditioning emollients and vitamins to moisturise and care for your hair as you style. Infused with CHI 44, you will experience completely new styling possibilities. Directions: 1.Apply to palm of hands and rub evenly to emulsify. 2.Work through hair. (633911657256)

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