CHI Molding Clay Texture Paste Paraben Free 74g



CHI Molding Clay可提供牢固的固定效果,為頭髮提供令人難以置信的蓬鬆度。 您可以通過幾個手勢來製作出豐富,自然的髮型。 •產生極其豐富的效果 •突出頭髮的自然光 •強固 如何使用: 將少量CHI造型粘土頭髮分成手掌,梳理頭髮,然後用手或梳子定型。 The CHI Molding Clay Texture Paste provides strong fixation, providing incredible volume to the hair. You can make a rich, natural-looking hairstyle with a few gestures. •It produces an extremely rich effect •Highlights the natural light of hair •Strong fixation •Simple application How To Use: Divide a small amount of CHI Molding Clay hair into your palm, work into your hair and shape it with your hand or comb. (633911667880)

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