American Crew Forming Cream Medium Hold with Shine 85g



American Crew Forming Cream專為男士日常髮型設計而設計。 它可以整天固定頭髮,並且適合所有類型的頭髮。 得益於精緻的水基配方,它提供了安全,無創的作用,並且易於使用。 • 中保持 • 自然光澤 • 保持靈活的髮型 • 視覺上濃密的頭髮 成分: PVP共聚物具有牢固的定型效果,羊毛脂蠟具有驚人的光澤,可保持定型效果,甘油可防止過度乾燥,有助於保持適當的水分含量,使頭髮豐滿豐盈。 如何使用: • 將少量塗抹在乾濕的頭髮上。 樣式為首選。 結果: • 正確固定,保濕,閃亮的頭髮。 American Crew Forming Cream is designed for everyday men hair styling. It allows to fix hair for the whole day and it is for all hair types. Thanks to a delicate, water-based formula, it provides safe, non-invasive action and easy application. •Medium hold •Natural shine •Keeps hairstyle flexible •Visually thickens hair Ingredients: PVP Copolymer for firm hold, Lanolin wax provides an amazing gloss and gives a movable hold, Glycerin prevents overdrying, helps to keep a proper level of moisture and gives fullness and body to hair. How to use: •Apply a small amount on wet or dry hair. Style as preferred. Result: •Properly fixed, moisturized, shiny hair. (738678181690)