American Crew Beard Balm Beard Conditioner and Styler 60g



American Crew Beard Balm適用於每種類型和長度的鬍鬚。 既具有營養又具有風格的通用產品。 天然油脂和蠟質,非常適合乾性乾髮。 .平滑和紀律鬍鬚 .增加自然光芒 .滋養和軟化頭髮 .方便造型 .柔軟易塗 .提供自然光潔度 包含甜杏仁油,可滋潤和再生受損的鬍鬚。 乳木果油可平滑並增加彈性,提供防曬和防熱保護。 此外,Candelilla和蜂蠟可滋養面部毛髮,使發亮,使造型更輕鬆。 使用方法:在手指之間擦少量產品,然後散佈在面部頭髮上。 所需樣式。 效果:鬍鬚光滑,營養豐富且訓練有素。 控制其形狀。 American Crew Beard Balm for every type and length of beard. A universal product that both nourishes and styles. Perfect for dry facial hair thanks to its natural oils and waxes. .Smooths and disciplines beard .Adds natural glow .Nourishes and softens hair .Facilitates styling .Soft and easy to apply .Provides natural finish Contains sweet almond oil which moisturises and regenerates damaged hair. Shea butter smooths and adds elasticity, providing protection from the sun and heat. In addition, Candelilla and beeswax wax nourish facial hair, giving it shine and making styling it easier. How to use: Rub a small amount of product between your fingers and distribute on facial hair. Style as desired. Results: Smooth, nourished and disciplined beard. Control over its shape. (669316434673)

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